Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows Vol.III

OK, so I bought the UD NYC BoS Vol.III. I will get my palette around Friday and so will do a more in depth review of it then, I will also do a video, however the video may not be up that day since I have work as well :[ So for a more specific review of NYC BoS vol.III (sans the UD palette rant) stay tuned!

I have a love hate relationship with UD palettes and so before I receive and review this palette I need to get a few things off my chest;


It works out a lot cheaper to buy the palettes then to buy all the shades. Granted I shall give it that, I would have a lot less Urban Decay shades had it not been for the palettes.

You do get some limited edition colours specific to the palette or to a previous collection. In this one Haight & Psychedelic Sister which were only available in Sephora and not the UK, so had they not been in this palette I would not have been able to own them. Though this may not be a benefit to people who live in the USA and can already get/have those shades. There are also 7 limited edition shades, which is better then the 0 limited edition shades in the AiW palette.

The designs are a little cute & the pop up bit makes it more fun but its good you don’t have to open that part up to get to the shadows or it could get damaged. It’s a fun palette.

I love all things NYC, I love TV based there; Sex & the City, Will & Grace, Friends, even dare I say it CSI haha.... all in all just the general retail culture and big city lifestyle! Being in the UK it is somewhere I have always aspired to go, especially for Christmas that would be magical! So you put out a make-up palette based on loving New York and hells yeah I'm going to buy it.

The colours are varied and really pigmented!

The 2 eyeliners are a bonus, especially since the second liner (Ransom) is a different colour to the Alice in Wonderland palette (Flipside).


This is £2 dearer then the Alice in Wonderland BoS which came out less then 6 months ago, that rate of inflation is ridiculous. And why? Because it has unneeded LED lights that will no doubt break soon after you buy it anyway? I would rather they cut down on the packaging and design and made it cheaper!

Even though this has travel eyeliners, a travel primer potion and a range of colours (shimmer & glitter) this is very bulky and therefore it isn’t good for travel, although obviously that’s what it was possibly designed for considering the contents. The pop up bit adds a bit too much bulk to it. You’d be best with a slimmer palette.

You always get the same old colours, won't Midnight Cowboy Rides Again just get lost and die already? I only have 2 palettes and yet I have 3 shadows duplicated! That is a ridiculous number. If you are going to make a limited edition palette like Alice in Wonderland use limited edition shades, not permenant shades which are no doubt in every other palette anyway. This palette is no different, it has a fair few limited edition colours which is an improvement, but some of the oldies that are in every other palette are still making an appearance.

The finishes are glitter and shimmer… only one matte to be seen (perversion). I have already made you aware that I hate mattes, but a lot of people like them and there seem to be no palettes with mattes. So if they added a few mattes then it is less likely people will end up with millions of duplicates from palette to palette (added variety is your friend!) and everyone is kept happy. Please, finally take note of this UD!!

The glitter shades are glitter bombs, I can’t touch them. If you don’t like your face looking like a disco ball then steer clear of the midnight cowboy! I find the shimmers so much better, but there are far too many shades in these palettes that are glitters and so will stay unused by me.

These palettes always seem to be limited. The Alice in Wonderland only had 2000 in the UK. And apparently this one is limited edition too, however I don't think to the same extent. Surely everyone should get a chance to buy one? I think this may be limited more in terms of time frame it is available (like BoS I & II) rather then a limited number of units (Alice in Wonderland stylee!)

So rant over. Hopefully people can relate to this, maybe learn a little more about the UD palettes from this blurb. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and this is mine, if anyone disagrees then thats fine. If UD has beef with it then maybe take what I say on board and CHANGE it! Your fans will thank you big style :]

Watch this space to see the review of the palette!

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