Monday, 9 August 2010

Review; Sleek Limited Edition Circus Palette!

Sleek Circus Palette
Sleek Limited Edition Circus Palette

This is a limited edition palette and since I have a few other Sleek palettes that I love I thought I would get it. As I have previously mentioned I am not a massive fan of mattes, and 9 out of 12 shadows are matte. I do like the red, yellow, orange & black mattes as they are still very soft, pigmented and not chalky, however the magenta & turquoise matte are very difficult to work with as they seem to go everywhere, and the lilac matte is badly pigmented barely shows up. The pink matte is a little patchy and goes on a little uneven. The shimmers however are the usual soft and pigmented shadows sleek normally provides. In terms of the shades it is a mixed bag. The neon-like colours are a little too daring for me, however colours like the blue, purple and green look like MAC colours (Deep Truth, Violet, Sweet & Punchy). So this palette is very hit and miss.

Sleek Limited Edition Circus palette

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