Saturday, 7 August 2010

Review; MAC Dare To Wear Lipglasses!

Firstly Gimme That;
MAC Dare To Wear "Gimme That" Lipglass

I did a squee of joy when I first saw this as I love my hot pink/magenta lip products, and when seeing it in person in the tube I was even happier. This story now comes up to the part when I say HOWEVER, since from now on the positive vibes tend to fizzle out and a wave of negativity basically takes over the rest of the review. When I applied the lipgloss the very long applicator made it feel a little weird and it was more difficult to be precise in application. The second thing I noticed was the awful consistency of the lipgloss, it is so thick you have to virtually rub it onto your lips, it felt like I was applying more of a dry lipstick then a gloss, and then I felt like every time I closed my mouth it was gluing my lips together, it feels so thick and tacky that it is almost like an adhesive! The third and final disappointment was the colour on my lips. It does not go on like it appears in the tube, it goes on a lot more purple then hot pink as there is so much lilac shimmer/glitter that I found that in artificial light the purple drowned out the hot pink, so after all my excitement about the colour I was so disappointed, it isn't the magenta I was looking for. I would love to try and wear it more to get used to the colour, but that texture makes me want to never touch it again!

This picture is a little deceptive as it appears a lot more purple in real life, the flash seems to have washed out the purple.
MAC Dare To Wear Gimme That!

Lastly, Bold & Brash;
MAC Dare To Wear "Bold And Brash" Lipglass

I have to make a point straight away that this didn't have the same texture as Gimme That, it was not as thick, dry in texture, or as gluey, so already it is miles ahead in my opinion, however it still wasn"t as smooth and glossy as I would want from a gloss. The colour goes on exactly as it is in the tube, so another bonus for this gloss. It is a lovely vibrant shade of red with some shimmer thrown in. However again the wand is just too long for my liking and I am still not 100% on the texture of this formula.

MAC Dare To Wear Bold & Brash

So, as an overall roundup;
The wand is too long, the textures are not all that nice (in terms of Gimme That the texture is downright vile), however the colours are pigmented in comparison to the other MAC lipglosses, and they definitely do represent the ethos behind the collection. Overall, a mixed bag, but I certainly wouldn't go out and rave about them, though I would wear Bold & Brash again as I feel the texture is a little more bearable then Gimme That, plus the colour is a lot more of what I was expecting.

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