Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Review; Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows vol.III Money

Money (Limited Edition NYC BoS shade!)

urban decay NYC Book of shadows vol.III Money

This colour is really difficult to put your finger on. It is like a greeny silver, in certain lights it looks more mint green and other times it looks more silver. I'd say it was appears metallic silver more often then green. It is very unique I couldn't think of a dupe for this! The consistency is very shiny and metallic, it goes on very soft, blends well and is very shiny on the lid. I think this is one colour you need to try yourself to get the idea, I am finding it quite difficult to describe this accurately as to other people it may appear differently! My only drawback of this colour was that it had that annoying glitter fall out. It is predominantly shimmer, but there are bits of glitter within it and they just end up all over your face.

Urban Decay NYC BoS Money
Again, this may not look as attractive due to lack of mascara.

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