Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fooling around with the Girl About Town :D

So, I have been messing around with my new favourite lipstick, and so far I like;

Girl About Town & Sweet Strawberry. To add a little to the colour but give it a little bit of shimmer too (bluey purple shimmer) I used Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry for a more simple take;

MAC Girl About Town + MAC Hello Kitty sweet strawberry gloss =

MAC Girl About Town & Sweet Strawberry Lipglass

Girl About Town & Sweet Tart. For a maxed out pop of colour and intense glitter for an out there massive lip look I like the Sweet Tart Superglass. I think in all fairness Cherry Electric Superglass would work better, but I don't have it (maybe I should order it??) since it would intensify the colour rather then tone it down and add different colour glitters. The picture doesn't even give you a sense of how mad the glitter is in real life! Anywho;

MAC Girl About Town + MAC Superglass Sweet Tart =

Girl About Town & Sweet Tart

I love playing around with this lipstick, it's so versatile!

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