Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Review; Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows vol.III Haight

Haight (Sephora exclusive colour)

urban decay NYC Book of shadows vol.III Haight

This colour is a blue that has a hint of teal to it. The closest colour I can think of to this is MACs Freshwater, however Haight is a little more deep and teal in colour, but because of the bright blue they are quite similar on the lid. This colour isn't as teal on as I expected it would be, but nevertheless it is a really pretty colour. This is definitely one of the Good Urban Decay shadows, the shimmer and soft easy to apply/blend makes it a good quality product, and it was these qualities that attracted me to the brand, so I find it is shadows like this which keep me buying their shadows.

Urban Decay NYC BoS Haight
It might have looked nicer had I had mascara on!

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