Saturday, 7 August 2010

Review; MAC Alice+Olivia Sparklicious Dazzleglass Creme

Alice+Olivia Sparklicious;
MAC Alice+Olivia "Sparklicious" Dazzleglass Creme

In the tube this appears a gorgeous creamy silvery white with pink glitter, and this is exactly how it goes on the lips. It isn't as sheer as I was expecting, it really does have a lot of pigmentation, and it has mounds of gorgeous pink glitter! However that glitter sticks around as it virtually superglues itself to your lips. It took me about 20 minutes scrubbing at my lips (and the surrounding skin it migrated to) to get the majority of the glitter off (not all of it), it is kind of insane how it sticks to your lips, kind of makes you look like a disco ball! So yes, you can wear it, but I can imagine once the colour starts wearing away after use and you are left with just glitter residue it's going to look pretty silly, so you would definitely need to reapply to avoid the left over glitter situation. Also, the glitter will still be there the next day unless you really scrub it off, so I wouldn't wear it the night before work as otherwise you still will have glitter on your lips/face. I am not sure it will all come off with just showering, you would really need to scrub it off. So the colour is nice, the texture is nice, but the indestructible glitter that likes to hang around? Not so much!

MAC Alice+Olivia Sparklicious

If the glitter situation is a massive turn off, a similar gloss to this is the Laura Geller City Lights Lip Shiner. It's less silver, and the glitter is more multi-coloured then just pink, but just as glittery, lovely tropical smell, and although you will get a bit of glitter left behind it wont be nearly as much as Sparklicious!

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