Monday, 23 August 2010

Review; Bourjois 3D Effet Les Nudes lipgloss

This lipgloss I shall be reviewing is in "Rose Mythic" No 34

Bourjois effet 3D Les Nudes in Rose Mythic

The thing that first hit me with this lipstick was the availability, it has taken me weeks to get my hands on this shade. After trawling 3 boots and 2 superdrugs I finally found one 2 weeks later that had it in stock, it was always the shade that was sold out.

Once I had got the lipgloss and had tried it the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells very sweet like sherbert, I like it but I can imagine a lot of people won't, however at least it has a more pleasant and edible smell then some lipglosses which can smell chemical, plastic or play doh! It has a small little brush which makes it easier to apply more precisely. The colour is sheer, a beige-y pink with some minimal sparkle. I find a drawback is that it does settle into the lines of your lips, however it is not too sticky, gloopy or thick in consistency. It is so light, unnoffensive and lovely in consistency that I could, if I wanted to, wear this everyday. As nudes go I am very drawn to this as I tend to opt for just baby pinks when I go for nudes, so it as nice to try a more beige variety (though still obviously pink) and to really like it.

Bourjois 3D Effet Les Nudes in Rose Mythic (34)

I paired this with MAC Creme Cup lipstick to create the pink-y beige nude lip. I think the lip gloss colour pops so much more and shows its colour better when on top of a lipstick base. I will definitely be pairing this up with a few lipsticks to see how it goes!

mac creme cup + Bourjois effet 3D Les Nudes in Rose Mythic (34) = Bourjois Rose Mythic over MAC Creme cup

My camera is playing up so unfortunately the quality is quite bad today, I'm afraid :[

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