Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Review; MAC Dare To Wear Sassy Grass

Sassy Grass eyeshadow
MAC Dare To Wear "Sassy Grass" Eyeshadow

I love this! I know I say I hate mattes, but this isn't a very matte like matte... if that makes sense? It is a little harder to blend, but it goes on quite soft and after about 2 swipes of it you have the full colour. It isn't chalky, it even looks a little creamy on the lid. It feels soft on the lid, and it has a really good staying power, when you rub your finger on your lid very little colour comes off on your finger, this colour will stay on and vibrant all day (I used MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre as a base, as I do when applying all eyeshadows I use and review). So minus the difficulty blending (not nearly as bad as Too Faced mattes though!) this is a really fun and lovely eyeshadow, though I would say it goes on more deep emerald green then bright grass green. I am a massive green eyeshadow fan so I'm glad this works for me. This is more the Dare To Wear ethos as it is a bright colour which some may feel uncomfortable wearing. It is also the eyeshadow used for the Dare To Wear promo image!

MAC Dare To Wear Sassy Grass

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