Monday, 9 August 2010

Review; Too Faced Natural Eye Kit "Fashion Look"

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit
too faced natural eye kit inside

Fashion look
Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Fashion

This look is glittery to the max, especially Nude Beach which is so glittery that when used it virtually crumbles in the pan (you may be able to see this in the above picture). The glitter from this shadow is a bugger to get off as the glitter is also quite big. The other drawback of this shadow as a highlight is that it is too dark for my skin tone, so it looks really stupid on me, and as I have mentioned before, I'm not a massive fan of going up to the brow bone. My favourite colour from this look is Honey Pot as it is a soft shimmery bronzey colour which is so pretty and pigmented, and applies so smoothly. This is a little too sparkly for me to wear, but it was easy to apply and the colours are nice, however with this whole palette I find all the looks very similar except a couple of the shades and the amount of glitter varies, it would have been nice if the look cards varied a little.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

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