Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit "Classic Look"

Too faced Natural Eye, Neutral Eye Shadow Collection.
too faced natural eye kit inside

Classic Look
Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Classic Look

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Classic Look

These colours were so much easier to use then the mattes from the day look, though I really don't like the colour going to the brow bone, as I have mentioned before, I feel like a clown wearing it as it seems so OTT to me. The colours are very soft and pigmented, but not so powdery that they go all over your face, and they were very easy to use to do the look. The colours are also very different in shade unlike the mattes so it is so much easier to blend, and the colours compliment each other so well. I would definitely use these colours again, maybe even on their own, I really like silk teddy on the lid as it is a more pink champagne colour when you pack it on, but I would also do the neutral eye again as well.

The colours are gorgeous and this look reminds me of the Georgio Armani Prive Autumn/Winter 2010-11 make-up (though a considerably toned down version).

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