Saturday, 7 August 2010

Review; MAC Dare To Wear Going Bananas!

Going Bananas Eyeshadow
MAC Dare To Wear "Going Bananas" eyeshadow

This is a beautiful colour, it goes on a subtle light yellow, and has my beloved veluxe pearl finish! However, this to me me misses the whole point of the Dare To Wear ethos. It is far too subtle and not nearly bright enough to be "daring", as it goes on lighter then it appears in the pan. A daring yellow would be a repromote of Style Warriors Bright Future, not this mellow yellow. I love this shade and will wear it a lot, however to me it does not fit in this collection at all, a more neon mad yellow would be a lot more outrageous then this lovely banana shade! It is a lovely shimmery colour, but as previously mentioned it goes on lighter then it appears in the pan (but the shade ends up one I prefer), so the pigmentation isn't all that great considering it is meant to be a pigmented collection, so again it just doesn't seem to fit. I would give it a try if you like these mellow colours, but if you were after something quite bright and bold I would skip this! Maybe trying it on a dark base would transform the colour, but it is never going to be a shocking shade no matter how you apply it.

MAC Dare To Wear Going Bananas
My mascara didn't cover up all the powder on my lashes... sad times :[

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