Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Review; MAC Dazzleglass Creme "Creme Allure"

Creme Allure

MAC Dazzleglass Creme "Creme Allure"

This was from the 2009 Fall Dazzleglass Creme collection. This, in the tube, looks like a deep hot pink/magenta with lighter pink glitter in it, however like most MAC lipglosses it goes on a lot sheerer then it appears in the tube. It still goes on a hot pink however not nearly as dark as in the tube and I find it can go a bit streaky/patchy as you can see lighter sections where your lip is more visible and where it has gone darker due to settling into the lines on the lips. This isn't as sparkly as I was expecting for a dazzleglass, I have some lipglasses that have a more obvious "dazzle" then this. However I really love the colour and there is more product in the tube then the lipglasses, and I can't complain seeing as I got it £4 under retail at my local outlet.

MAC Creme Allure

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