Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review; The Urban Decay Vegan Palette

Urban Decay Limited Edition Vegan Palette
Urban Decay Limited Edition Vegan Palette

This palette is cruelty free (though all Urban Decay products are) and animal byproduct free, so it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It makes me wonder what kind of ingredients are in regular make up for it not to be suitable for vegans. Anyway I digress! The selection in the top row is good as they are all varied and colourful, however the bottom shades are all very similar. The top row are all glitters and the bottom row are all shimmer, I am more of a shimmer fan so I am sad the top row aren't shimmers as well, as they would be smoother, softer and more vibrant of they were.

Minx looks like a greeny teal in the pan, however it goes on a lot more green however doesn't go on all that smoothly and you need a fair few applications to get the colour to show up fully, it tends to look patchy due to the glitter.

Urb is a light green in the pan, however it shows up more browny coloured. It isn't as pigmented as the shimmers and there is fall out from all the glitter. I really wanted to love this, but on the skin it isn't the colour I expected it to be.

Gunmetal in the pan is a shimmery silver, however on the skin it is black based with silver glitter. I would have preferred this if it was more like Barracuda (a silver shimmer). The pigmentation is better then the other two glitters, however if it was a shimmer it would have been a lot more pigmented!

Twice Baked is a dark brown shimmer, however I found it kept going on a little patchy and isn't as shimmery as the other two. It is still a nice colour and it is pigmented, however it could be more smooth.

Smog is a beautiful colour, very soft, pigmented and a lovely colour (also available in the Naked Palette), not much more to say about it I think the swatch says it all! :]

Half Baked is a golden brown, and is very pigmented and smooth and a little different to the browns since it is more gold in tone. It , like Smog, is also in the Naked Palette. Again, not much to say about this one, the quality speaks for itself.

Urban Decay Vegan swatches

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