Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review; The Urban Decay Black Palette

Urban Decay Black Palette
Urban Decay Black Palette

This palette isn't what I expected. I expected black shot through with colour, however all the shadows are a little different.

Black Dog is a very pigmented matte black which is a staple for smoky eyes, and so it is good it is included in the set.

Barracuda is a black based shimmery silver. This colour is very smooth to apply and pigmented, definitely one of the best from the palette.

Jet comes through very dark purple rather then black based with purple shot through it, it also has glitter through it. It is very pigmented, but would have been nicer as a shimmer, but it will definitely add a lovely colour to a smokey eye.

Sabbath is a deep blue that reminds me a little of Deep Truth by MAC. It isn't all that black based, though it is a very dark blue. It is more shimmery then glittery and it is a beautiful shade and so soft and smooth to apply. It would definitely work for a smokey eye.

Cobra is supposed to be a black with yellow shot through, however I find it just looks brown with glitter. It wasn't what I expected and I was a little disappointed with this shade! I will try it applied wet and hope it applies better, but so far applying it dry by dabbing rather then swiping hasn't worked to get the effect I want.

Libertine is supposed to be black shot through with green, however to me it just looks like a glittery black, the green doesn't show through, even when I dab it on rather then swipe. Like Cobra I will try applying it wet and hope the colour comes through. I was disappointed with this shade applied with a brush.

Urban Decay Black palette swatches

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