Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review; MAC Passions Of Red Devoted Poppy Compact

MAC Passions of Red Devoted Poppy compact
MAC Passions of Red Devoted Poppy compact

This compact was such a let down for me! Firstly I wasn't really into the "blingy" decoration, however I loved the colour selection, the fact it would be good for travel since there was a good selection of shadows, a mirror and a brush, and so I bought it anyway at my CCO. The colours swatched okay, however there is only one or two that really applied well.

Sweet eyes basically doesn't show up at all. It is meant for a highlight colour, but on me it just vanishes and doesn't show up at all.

Young things is pretty much the same as Sweet eyes, it just seems to vanish on the skin. It is supposed to be a light pink/highlight. They both seem to disappear on the swatch below! Very difficult to see.

Amorously is the best shade in the palette. It is the smoothest, most pigmented and applies the best. The colour is lovely and shimmery, and it is a shame the other shadows don't apply like that!

Awaken disappointed me so much! I really thought this would be my favourite colour out of the compact, however it isn't as pigmented as I thought it would be and it crumbled and went patchy when I was using my eyeshadow brush! The swatch was as pigmented as I could get it. It is the Heatherette Palette all over again. Mood Ring was so beautiful and I wanted to love it, but it needed a million applications to get it to show up as the texture was so bad, however in that palette mood ring was powdery, whereas awaken in this palette is crumbley.

In Awe is pigmented, however the brown glitter that is shot through it does not show up at all. It appears more black in the pan however applies more brown. It isn't my favourite colour or texture, but it's one of the best out of a bad bunch as at least the colour shows up and it applies evenly!

Fall Deeply was, like Awaken, a colour I thought would be a favourite, and although it applied better then awaken since it wasn't clumpy and crumbley, it wasn't as pigmented as I thought it would be and this made me sad as it took many applications to show up.

Overall, really quite disappointing eyeshadow wise! They looks so gorgeous and shimmery in the pans, but they really don't translate well to skin.

Passions of red Devoted Poppy swatch

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