Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Review; Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows vol.III Snatch

Urban Decay Snatch (limited edition shade, also available in Show Pony Palette).

urban decay NYC Book of shadows vol.III snatch

I wanted to love this colour, and I thought I would. On my skin tone this peachy colour (in natural light) is virtually nude on my skin tone, it took a few of applications of the shadow to get it to show up. The fall out was insane, I ended up with chunky gold glitter all over my face, which wasn't a look I was going for! In the pan it is very very crumbly which may explain the mass of fall out, it just breaks up and goes everywhere. I have provided a picture of what happens when you wipe your brush across it to apply the shadow down below. Even though there are massive chunks of glitter that end up all over your face, it doesn't really show up on your eyelids to add to it in anyway. I doubt I'd use this colour again.

The name to me is also another problem, maybe it's just me, but in my area of the UK a "snatch" is a rude word for a vagina, and I just can't get past that! If you have ever seen The Inbetweeners that term will have been thrown around by the horny teenage boy Jay. Not the most pleasant name for an eyeshadow! And for those who think "Get out of town, that isn't true!" unfortunately it is.

Urban Decay NYC BoS III Snatch

This was after I had swiped the eyeshadow with my brush, the powder went everywhere!
Urban Decay NYC BoS III Snatch crumbled!

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