Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Review; Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows vol.III Radium

Urban Decay Radium ((Limited Edition NYC BoS shade!)

urban decay NYC Book of shadows vol.III radium

This is a dark blue shade, very pretty in the pan, however needs a few applications for it to reach the colour in the pan on your lids. For this I'd advise a base such as a MAC paintpot or something that the colour can grip onto and have a neutral base for the colour to pop. It isn't an incredibly unique shade, and I did experience a lot of fall out because the eyeshadow is so soft, however once you get it to it's full pigmentation it is a lovely blue eyeshadow. It looks more like MAC Freshwater in the pan however goes on more like a shade between Freshwater and MAC Deep Truth, it's too dark for Freshwater but too light to be Deep Truth.

Urban Decay NYC BoS III Radium

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