Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review; Sugarpill Pressed shadows

Sugarpill eyeshadows!

The ethos;

The ethos is "A delicious fix for color fiends! Richly pigmented luxury pressed eyeshadows in striking hues. The velvety smooth texture allows flawless application and superior blending ."

I would agree with all of that. These shadows are definitely for color fiends as the colours are so bright and vibrant. They are richly pigmented and luxury definitely does come to mind. They are very striking shades, smooth and they do apply and blend perfectly. So everything they say I personally agree with!

sugar pill box back

Sugarpill, like Urban Decay, MAC & Too Faced, is against animal testing, which I am glad for as I wouldn't have touched this product had it not been anti-cruelty! More brands need to follow suit!
sugarpill anti cruel

The packaging;

The artistry of these products are adorable and just divine, I can't stop looking at it! From the fonts to the kawaii illustrations and bright colours, they match the vibrant and luxury ethos perfectly!
sugarpill box

The eyeshadow containers themselves are sturdy, and have the cute Sugarpill symbol on the top.
sugarpill front

I love the large sans serif font on the description, but also the cute "cruelty-free" cute cat on the bottom!
sugarpill back

The colours;

I have 3 colours so far, Midori (green), After Party (Blue) & Dollipop (Hot Pink). The colours are very soft and highly pigmented and vibrant, shockingly so! It applies and blends with ease, and the shades translate exactly to the skin as it appears in the pan. Midori & After Party are shimmers, and they have a lovely shine to them. Dollipop is a matte, however is just as soft, smooth and easy to apply/blend as the shimmers!

Sugarpill midori

After Party
Sugarpill After party

Sugarpill dollipop

sugarpill swatches

Worth the price?

ABSOLUTELY!! From £8.50 at Love Makeup.com it is cheaper then MAC, yet high end quality and you get more product. They remind me a lot of make-up forever in quality and size. You definitely get a lot for your money. It is not worth it if you are a fan of more neutral colours though!

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