Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Review; Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette

Too Faced Glamour to Go
Too Faced Glamour to Go

I had mixed feelings about this palette when I got it. I shall explain why in sections...


It is very, very small! It can fit on the palm of your hand. For the money, the size is pretty appalling. I get that it is for travel, but this is so small it is bound to get lost in your bag. I also had reservations about how small the eyeshadows were since there is no way you could get a brush in there! I also would prefer more eyeshadow colours then lipglosses, but that's just me. The packaging is chunky but sturdy, and I guess the brushes are useful since no "normal size" brush would fit into the eyeshadow pans, and normal lip brushes would probably take up half of the lipgloss from the pan! However, because they are so small they are difficult to use, and I never find sponge applicators that useful.

Too Faced Glamour to go Size


The eyeshadows are lovely colours! Very neutral and wearable everyday colours.

The pink has a lovely iridescent shimmer to it, however it isn't hugely pigmented in comnparison to Urban Decay shadows (considering they are around the same price), and it needed a lot of applications to get the colour to show up. It is definitely the least pigmented out of all of them, which is a shame as it is the nicest shade in my opinion.

The dark brown is the most pigmented, and it also has glitter specks in it, however not so much that it takes over or has a load of fall out. This shade showed up very easily, and didn't need multiple applications to get it to show up, unlike the pink colour and nude colour. This would make a nice crease colour.

The light brown isn't all that pigmented, but didn't need as many applications as the pink and nude to show up. It is a nice shimmery colour once you get it to show up.

The nude took a few applications to show up, it is quite light, but a little more pigmented then the pink. This shade, like the dark brown, also has specks of glitter in it, however not so much that it makes you look like a disco ball. This is a very pretty but subtle colour.

Too Faced Glamour To Go swatches


These lipglosses are pretty much all the same colour, there's the goldy beige colours and the pinks... that's about it! One thing I hate about Too Faced lipglosses is that they stink of plastic/chemically grossness. I haven't found a pleasant smelling one yet! Considering how MAC glosses smell, Too Faced have a long way to go in the gloss department. The colours are nice and pigmented, and aren't overly sticky, however they are quite thick and gloopy. I also had an allergic reaction to these glosses after swatching them on my hand, and that's never good, and I am now far too dubious now to put it on my face. I do have sensitive skin, so keep that in mind.

Too Faced Glamour To Go Lipglosses

So overall, overpriced, under-sized, but a nice "everyday" look palette, that unfortunately doesn't have bags of variety. This is to me the C grade student of the eyeshadow palette world.

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