Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Review; China Glaze For Audrey

china glaze For Audrey

This is one of the nail polish shades I have been most complimented on, by both men and women, whenever I wear it. I originally bought it because my Mum is named Audrey and it is her favourite colour is turquoise, and it is also her birthstone, so it reminded me of her. The fact it is such a cult and awesome product just happened to be an added bonus. It is a beautiful green tinged blue, I wouldn't know whether to call it an aqua or a turquoise, either way it is a very bright, cheery and flattering colour! This really brightens me up when I wear it. I really like Chanel, and was GUTTED with a capital G when I couldn't get Nouvelle Vague, however this China Glaze shade is the closest you are ever going to get, and it's good quality and cheaper by about £10! I am therefore not as heartbroken :]

If you can get it, go for it, I doubt you'd regret it.

Too Faced Glamour to go Size

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