Monday, 4 October 2010

Review; Revlon Minted Nail Varnish

Revlon 028 Minted

I didn't want to buy this since I find Revlon Nail varnishes overpriced, so when they were on offer I bought a few, and this was my first choice colour. I had tried to dupe it, but nothing came all that close. This is a beautiful light mint green, and dupes I tried seem to have a blue tinge to them rather then being pure green.

Now, as you can tell I love the colour, however the formula is a different story. I hate the formula! it goes on very sheer, you need about 3 coats to get good even coverage. It takes forever to dry and it makes doing nails such a chore because it just takes so long. I also experienced some bubbling. If a better nail varnish company like China Glaze (or my favourite brand, Chanel) made this colour I would ditch this in an instance, but until I find a dupe, I am just going to have to deal with the formula because I love this colour too much :[

Revlon Minted

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