Monday, 4 October 2010

Review; GOSH Miss Minty Nail Varnish

Gosh Miss Minty Nail Varnish

I tried this as a dupe for Revlon Minted, however it is really nothing alike. Although the name states "Minty" It is really more turquoise as it is too blue to be classed as green. It is still a lovely colour, and I wouldn't say it was comparable to For Audrey either as it is too light and greenish.

The formula is so so. For the price it is ok, it was a bit patchy on first application and it was quite gloopy, but it was buildable and could be evened out. I found it went all over my fingers, because of the consistency. The varnish would probably be easier to use if the lid wasn't so big.

Gosh Miss Minty

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