Friday, 1 October 2010

Review; Chanel Le Vernis "Particulière"

Chanel Particulière Le Vernis

This is one of those cult Chanel colours seen worn by celebrities, and it sold out like nobodies business, however Debenhams currently have it stocked! (and although unrelated to Particulière, they still have Paradoxal!)

But why has this colour become so cult? Well, it is a beautiful greyish taupe and is one of those beautiful and unusual Chanel colours that not many brands sport. Although it can be duped pretty closely (but not 100%) by other high end brands like OPI, there are many reasons as to why this is worth a splurge.

It goes on evenly and pretty opaque, however it looks a lot better with 2 coats so you don't really need to apply that much, and the fact it dries so quickly (the quickest out of any brand I have tried, which is a lot of them) means that it isn't a hassle to apply. It is very glossy like the majority of Chanel Le Vernis, and even though I am possibly the most inept varnish applier it always looks fantastic after I've applied it! The brush makes it pretty easy to apply, so I don't have the "varnish all over the fingers" look due to the brush being too big (I always have that problem with Nails Inc. but that's for another review), it is very easy to use and control the brush. I have a very manual job and yet it is still as shiny as when I applied it, and it hasn't chipped, which is very good considering I didn't put a top coat on (I ran out :[ )

So if you love the colour and want to start getting Autumnal, I would consider the splurge, as you certainly get quality with this product. And if you collect Chanel Le Vernis, this is a must have for you're collection! I have had countless compliments of this varnish and have even had "Is that Particulière!?" So yes, it has my nails seem to get more attention then me!

Chanel Particulière Le Vernis

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