Friday, 5 February 2010

Review: Some Too Faced eye products

In this update I will be reviewing Eye Shadow Insurance Policy palette, Liquif-eye Shadow Collection and First base eyeshadow base and primer.

First up; Eye Shadow Insurance Policy palette

too faced eye shadow insurance policy

Too faced insurance policy shadows

I love this palette, it has gorgeous colours that are creamy, blendable and highly pigmented. I did find they were prone to creasing or slid into the crease of the eye rather then staying on the lid, but used with my everyday base they stayed on a bit better, but still faded by the end of the day. But the colours are worth the hassle and it is a good price. The shadow insurance primer didn't work for me as I have oily lids and thats what created the colour sliding into the crease of the eye.

I would award this palette 4/5, but that is purely for the beautiful, pigmented and rich colours.
Second up; Liquif-eye Shadow Collection

Too faced liquif-eye shadow collection

Too faced liquif-eye shadows

This palette is great as it has some exclusive colours, and some resemble MAC colours (the moss green = MAC Humid; The purple = MAC Parfait Amore; the sparkly grey = MAC print etc) so they are really good colours, pigmented and rich as I normally find with Too Faced eyeshadows.

The drawbacks are that the liquif-eye solution I found didn't work as well as dampening an eyeliner brush (which is a lot cheaper), and some of these colours are on the Eye Shadow Insurance policy palette and Smoky Eye kit. I wish they would use completely different colours for each palette so you don't have doubles of everything and have more variety.

I would award this 4/5 as it is a cute little palette with a variety of cute and pigmented colours.


Finally; First Base primer and base

I was looking for a base (currently using Revlon creme shadows without primer, which works well with MAC but not so much with Too faced) that worked with Too Faced, so I tried this base by the same company. It was more expensive then the Revlon quad, however I have found you have to pile it on to get any sort of good coverage, it isn't so good if you want a daytime look as it is very sparkly, and the colour still just slipped into the crease rather then staying on the lid, and it didn't have a good colour pay off (I didn't make a good enough base for the colour to pop like most creme bases do) so it didn't work that well at all. It is a cute idea and can be used for a sparkly highlight, but does not work well as a base/primer. It is meant to be soothing as well, however it goes on so sparse that I couldn't feel any effects.

I would award this 2/5, it is a cute sparkle but is not a good primer, base and has bad coverage for oily lids. Doesn't do what it says on the box.


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