Friday, 5 February 2010

Review: Lipgloss

n this update I will be reviewing MAC Plushglass in Full For You, and L'Oreal Glamshine Volumizer in Fuschia Obsession.

Firstly; MAC Plushglass in Full For You.

MAC Full For You Plushglass

This was the brightest pink they had, however the colour pay off isn't nearly as good as I expected. It smells a bit random, like a sort of gingerbready smell to it, but feels nice on the lips and goes on nice. It does plump up the lips a little. It was slightly glittery but not overwhelmingly so. Do not wear if you have slightly dry, chapped or very liney lips as it will create more lines, wont have a smooth finish and may get little clumps of lip gloss on the surface. It lasts a while on the lips.

MAC Full For You Plushglass

I would give this 3/5 as it was nice, plumped a little, felt nice and tingly, could go clumpy and liney and the colour pay off wasn't as bright and glossy as I would have liked. It was expensive for the amount you get and they should have brighter more plumping colours. I would use it again though, but would make sure my lips are well moisturised first.
And the last one of the update; L'Oreal Glamshine Volumizer in Fuschia Obsession

L'Oreal Glamshine volumizer in Fuschia

I love this colour it is so deep pink and sparkly, and looks really glossy, sparkly and bright on. It lasts for ages, just looks a little less glossy as time goes on. It has a really good colour pay off. The only thing I am not keen on is the applicator which is flame/less rounded tear drop shape which is a bit furry and the shape makes application to the top lip a bit more difficult. Also gives a plumped look due to the deep and shiny colour. It smells like fruity candy though it may not be to everyone's tastes. I would say it was more glossy then the plushglass.

Overall I would give this 4/5 as it is a really lovely colour, gloss, sparkle, it smells nice and it does last a while. It is tingly and plumping just like the plushglass but it was half the price of the plushglass and you get much more. But it doesn't get full marks due to the applicator. I think your lips would need to be moisturised for this gloss too.

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