Friday, 5 February 2010

Review: Olay regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler

I have been away for a very long time, so it is about time I showed my face again. I will be doing a series of reviews mainly beauty products, as I have been building up and reinventing my make-up collection. I am a little brassic at the moment so will I will review what I have at the moment, and will then update reviews of new products as I get them. So the first few reviews will be bulk from things I have previously purchased.

The product: Olay Regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler.

It claims; Olay Regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler, fills inside creases and seals at the surface to diminish the look of fine lines & wrinkles.

I am 22 but have deep set wrinkles on my forehead from frowning too much and over animated facial expressions as a child (I was a moody child, I grew out of it.... for the most part!) paired with very soft skin. so when I heard about this and saw positive reviews I thought "brilliant, I can finally get rid of them temporarily". However I warn you, this did not work at all, well for me anyway. Made absolutely no difference to any lines I have, even the fine lines! It is a very expensive product and it just didn't deliver. The cream itself is very soft and silky so it is pleasant to apply, but it just doesn't do it's job.

I would award this 1/5.

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