Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nubar Treasure

nubar treasure

This was from the Prisms collection, which was supposed to be a holo collection. However, I found these are slightly holographic, however more glittery so it isn't a 100% holographic, it would have been more effective as a foil, but it has holo qualities.

In dim light or a cloudy day this just looks glittery, however in natural sun light and in bright halogen lights it looks very holographic. The glitter being very fine helps this appearance, however because the effect is by little bits of glitter rather than one all over effect it doesn't have the same spectrum effect given by ones such as Gosh Holographic, or even Reclaim which is also by Nubar. It is a very pretty varnish in both types of light. The colour is a gorgeous grape purple, which is lovely and feminine and compliments the multi-coloured glitter really well.

In terms of pigmentation, it is pretty sheer and thin in formula. I used about 4 coats to get this opaque and holographic, the first coat is a hint of colour with some glitter, so you really need to build it up!

Overall, this is a super pretty colour and nail varnish in general. It is not the most holographic varnish but it has holographic qualities. It also needs a lot of layers to get it opaque, but the result really is worth it!

nubar treasure

nubar treasure 2

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