Thursday, 2 June 2011

Affordable Nail Art Haul!

These are the products I show you in the video, I have also put a link to where I bought them, but many other sellers do these products, so have a look around to find the cheapest you can! New listings are coming on all the time :]

Nail Art Brushes - I bought them here, £2.49 shipped.
nail art brushes

Rhinestones - I bought them from a seller who sold out, so search here for the best value ones. I got mine for 99p without shipping, so it would have been £1 odd after shipping.
nail art rhinestones

Different Shape Rhinestones - I bought them here, 99p Shipped.
nail art rhinestones shapes

Dotting Tools - I bought them here, £1.68 Shipped.
dotting tools nail art

GCOCL Plates with Hello Kitty Plate - I bought them here, £6.99 shipped.
fauxnad plates

Fimo Canes - I bought them here, £3.27 shipped.
fimo canes

Make Up Sponges (I use these for gradient nails) - I got these from Home Bargains for 79p, which is a shop in the UK. I am sure any supermarket or discount store will have something like this.
beauty make up sponges

Remember, these are just ones I have bought from, you can always have a look to find better bargains! :]


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Laura, you look absolutely lovely in this video! Its nice to see you in the videos...more personable, I suppose.