Monday, 6 June 2011

Nubar Reclaim

nubar reclaim

Oh my days! This did not disappoint me at all! I bought this after seeing a swatch of it online, when I was searching for more holographic nail products. When I saw the picture of this beautiful green shade that was also holographic, I knew I had to have it, my jaw just dropped and I immediately went to the blog the picture was from to see what this lovely nail varnish was, and saw that it was Nubar Reclaim. I had never heard of it, but I am so glad I saw a swatch. And what luck, I was currently ordering Nubar polishes anyway (2010 & Treasure), and so I added Reclaim to my order. This is from the "Going Green" collection by Nubar, which was a mix of different greens including glitters, creams, a duochrome and of course this beautiful holographic!

This is possibly my favourite holographic nail varnish! The green shade is so beautiful, I hadn't seen a green holographic before, and I am glad the shade of green is beautiful! This is a true holographic polish, as it has a spectrum effect, rather than just being multi-coloured glitter. When I see my nails in the sunshine, I can't help but stare at them.

In terms of formula it is pigmented and thick, in 2 coats it was opaque, but for the best effect I used 3 coats. This is really unusual for a holographic, normally you need to pile on the layers to get it showing up right. It also dried pretty quickly too, which is always a bonus. It covered well, I had no streaking problems at all, and the colour shows up pretty true to how it appears in the bottle.

This was very affordable, it was only £6 something, just like China Glaze but cheaper then drug store brands like Revlon, and the quality is AMAZING! I also love how it is free from all the bad stuff some nail varnishes contain. I will definitely be buying more Nubar :]

If you want a perfect green holographic nail varnish, look no further! My pictures really don't do the product justice.

nubar reclaim 1

reclaim 3

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