Monday, 26 July 2010

Review; Too Faced Natural Eye Kit "Day Look"

Too faced Natural Eye, Neutral Eye Shadow Collection.
too faced natural eye kit inside

Day look;
too faced natural eye kit "day" shadowsToo Faced Day Neutral eye (matte)

I am no good with mattes anyway, however I found this particularly hard to work with, mainly because of the matte finish, but also because Heaven and Velvet Revolver go on so similar in colour that it is difficult to see the difference between them when on the eye, so it looks like you are only wearing 2 colours. I tried to do the look on the card but 1) I hate putting eyeshadow up to the brow bone as it makes me look like a clown and 2) the last colour sexpresso wasn’t pigmented enough or easy enough to use to be able to line the eyes with it, I tried but it just went on too light! I like the effect it gave my eye, and I like the neutral look and how wearable this is, but the shadows were just so difficult to work with and similar in colour for me to try it again and practice with it. I think I will give up and move on, or mix up the shadows a little!

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