Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Review; MAC Superglass (Gift Wrap & Sweet Tart)

MAC Superglass.

These are love/hate for me! Firstly I will start off with what I love.

I love the colours, they range from sheer to more pigmented, the 2 I bought are a little on the sheer side but I want the glitter to speak for itself. I love the madness of the glitter, the chunks are huge and a little holographic, however depending on the shade of superglass you buy the glitter is a different colour. The packaging is really cool and the tubes are bigger then your average lipglass/dazzleglass... however since it is about £2 dearer so it should be!

My dislikes of the superglass are the fact that the formula is very sticky and thick, but I guess it has to be to hold all the glitter. The glitter does not apply evenly across the lips it tends to clump and go patchy, and also when you remove it or it wears off naturally you have glitter left on and around the lips.

Overall I am glad I got them, they are an amazing product, but I won't be brave enough to wear this all that often with the dislikes (my main beef is the patchy glitter and left over residue!)

Sweet Tart
MAC Superglass Sweet Tart

MAC Superglass Sweet Tart

Gift Wrap
MAC Superglass Gift Wrap

MAC Gift wrap Superglass

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