Monday, 26 July 2010

Review; MAC Trio 1 (LE)

Trio 1 (Heatherette)
MAC Heatherette trio 1 Mac Heatherette look flash

OK, I thought I would love this, and in the palette the colours look awesome, especially mood ring. However I dislike the textures even though I like frost and veluxe pearl (Hoppin’ Frost, Mood Ring Veluxe pearl, Cloudburst velvet) I found all these shadows too powdery and not pigmented enough. The pink came up as just invisible powder on my face, the mint green I had to pile on to get it to show up, and the black one was so powdery it went everywhere however the colour was very pigmented. These were so hard to work with that the look just did not come out right. I’ve given up on it, which is a massive shame.

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