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Review & Overview! Laura Geller Tropics Deluxe Collection

Laura Geller Tropics Collection.

Laura Geller Tropics deluxe collection

This collection includes a lip shiner (City Lights), a lip gloss (Tropic), a lipstick (Tropic) and a blush (Blush N Brighten - Tropic Hues). I will go through each Item separately as well. The collection has a patterned pink metal packaging which is super cute and good quality... Not so good if you don't like pink, as there is no getting away from this eye-catching girly shade! The colours of the products themselves compliment each other, and I'd say they are a year round thing rather then seasonal. They aren't normally colours I would go for but I have grown fond of the shades and I guess I have broadened my make-up horizons a little.

Laura Geller tropics
Laura Geller Tropics collection open

Met Expectations: The City Lights Lip Shiner. It smells of tropical punch, absolutely delicious, and I just love the glitter. Not as huge as MAC superglass glitter, but still not all that subtle. This is something my collection has needed! It's so pleasant to wear it. Because it is neutral in colour this can go over any colour of lipstick, so it is very versatile!
Laura Geller Tropics Lip Shiner - City Lights
Laura Geller Tropics Lip Shiner - City Lights swatch

The Pleasant Surprise: The Tropic Lipstick. I never expected this to suit me, but it actually does and I like it a lot, it goes on more sheer then in the tube, but still a buildable colour. If it went on immediately dark like the gloss instead of being a light buildable colour I really don't think I would like this at all! It goes on more pinky red then brown too and thats what I like about it.
Laura Geller Tropic Lipstick
Laura Geller Tropics Lipstick swatch

Neither Rant Nor Rave: Tropic Lipgloss. This I wasn't sure about as it really is quite dark for what I am used to. It is a little more reddy then brown which is a positive, but I am still unsure whether I would grab this gloss on a regular basis as I tend to go for more pink based glosses and this is really quite a dark colour. It is a nice colour, but not a look I'd want all that often... Though that may change as I get older :]
Laura Geller Tropics Lip Gloss
Laura Geller Tropics Lip Gloss swatch

The Let Down: The Blush n Brighten Tropic Hues Blusher. I thought this would be my HG from this collection, and there is such an internet rave about it. It is gorgeous in the pan, and has really nice colours, however it is really glittery and I am not a fan of glittery blush, a subtle shimmer is OK but this is really quite glittery. And to put salt in the wound I am actually allergic to it! I swatched it on my hand, and my hand started to itch, thank-goodness I didn't put it on my face! In all fairness I have got sensitive skin and I have been allergic to MAC liquid foundation and even Estee Lauder liquid foundation before now, but never normally blushes or other face powders, I have Too Faced, Urban Decay, MAC etc and I have never had any problems! So I am unsure what to make of this. I was so disappointed :[ I do suggest that this problem may be personal to me since my skin is sensitive anyway, so it may not be a problem for the majority.
Laura Geller Blush n Brighten - Tropic Huesblush n brighten swatch

So in a nutshell, some good, some bad, and unfortunately some ugly. Overall a beautiful collection for all year round, especially those who like the darker lips and sparkly pink cheeks!

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