Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shop review; Beverly Beaute

So, in my last post I promised a review on the shop I bought my last polishes off, and this was Beverly Beaute. Now this has UK in the URL however it is actually an American store that ship to the UK.

Here was my order;

Shipping is a steep £5, however this is flat rate, so no matter how much you buy it is £5 to ship it. This means it's best to fill your boots to make it worthwhile. Is it worthwhile? Well OPI is well below retail at £5.95 which is virtually half retail price, and China Glaze is £5.50 per bottle, so I would say so.

There are allsorts of brilliant products such as Essie, Nubar, China Glaze, Orly, Zoya, OPI, Seche and more, and lots of different collections past and present of those brands. So I managed to get a China Glaze 2009 collection no longer available in stores. So, the selection is varied and often pretty good with no longer available polishes part of their catalogue, however you aren't guaranteed that they will have what you are after, as they don't have every polish from every collection.

Communication is poor, nay, worse then poor. I registered and never received an email with any details or anything, and then I couldn't even get back onto my account, it just came up with a pop up with gobbledegook written on it, and because I couldn't get into my account and they never sent me a confirmation email of my order, or an email saying whether my order has been despatched or not, I had no idea if they had sent it or not! So, I emailed them enquiring about my order and inability to get into my account and received no reply. So, in terms of communication, what communication!?!

Time Scale
The products arrived in a week, which is really good going, so in terms of despatch and arrival, it was pretty quick. Though, I don't know when they despatched due to their communication (as stated above) being beyond abysmal!

Luckily my products showed up and in good time, and I received the right products which is always good, however a couple of my bottles had scrapes and bashes on them;
It's purely cosmetic and not a big deal, the products still great, but as a perfectionist it is a little annoying to me! I did get a free nail file, cuticle stick and toe separators though, not sure if that is with every order or if it is because of the damaged bottles I got. Probably just freebies with every order.

So overall? I would shop here again but I will definitely be using my precautions in future (and you should too). The product is good (if not a little dog eared), it arrived in good time and at a good price.

Here are my step by step precautions for internet shopping. I would advice you carry out these when shopping on this website, or any other new website you are unfamiliar with;

1) Pay credit card, that way you have more protection if your order doesn't turn up. If they offer payment through PayPal then do that rather then giving them your details.

2) This is a biggy, especially in terms of Beverly Beaute. Print screen the completed order page where it says what you have ordered, your payment and your address, or print out a physical copy of this screen, so if it doesn't turn up you have evidence for the credit card company that you did buy from that website, and they know exactly what you purchased and when you purchased it. Remember try to get the page URL, products you ordered, your address, the date and payment details in the screen shot or on your print out. This is vital evidence you may not need, but if you do at least you have it. In Beverly Beaute's case it is very important to do this, as they do not send any confirmation emails, so you have no evidence of what you have bought, when you bought it, or how you paid for it sent by them, and you can't even contact them to get these emails as they do not email you back. When shopping elsewhere make sure you keep confirmation and despatch emails.

3) Make sure you have the contact details of the company for any enquiries or problems you may have.

4) Keep an eye on how long your order is taking, remember when you ordered it, their estimated delivery date (if they provide it) and how long it has been since you ordered. If it's over 3 weeks or an unusually long time and still your order has not arrived, then it may be time to contact them, if they ignore your enquiries and you still haven't received your order and you are pretty sure that it isn't going to arrive then contact the credit card company.

5) Know the action you take. Make sure you know what number to call or the protocol you undertake
when getting in contact with the credit card company. Familiarise yourself with the things you need to do when claiming.

I will update this protocol when I think of more steps. I hope this helps both in terms of shopping online, and with this company in particular.

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katebaillie said...

How much was the shipping and tax on top of your order? What I mean is did you have to pay anything when it arrived?