Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Asos Exclusive Pixi Wake Up Eyes Palette in Bright and Light

Picture heavy post! I apologise if it takes forever to load, but I wanted to give a really detailed view of it. Now, this is named by Asos as the Wake Up Eyes palette, however the name on the actual packaging is "Winter Wakeup Eyes" so I am not sure what this called!

pixi asos winter eyes front 2
pixi asos winter eyes back

This is version 1 Bright and Light, though this was the only one available. It was a pretty good bargain at £10 considering you get 12 different shades. The shadows are a mix of shimmer, glitter and matte, though the orange is the only proper matte in there, other colours do have a matte like texture and appearance even though they are not technically mattes.

In terms of the colour selection I absolutely love it! There is something there for so many looks, that it need be the only palette you need to take out, and if you are travelling light it is ideal. Smoky eyes, neutral eyes, pastel eyes, bright eyes, everything is possible. It is small, light and has a mirror in it, so it really is perfect for travel.

Small but perfectly formed! This fits in the palm of your hand so will fit easily in a make up bag or handbag.
pixi asos winter eyes front

pixi asos winter eyes inside 2

The colour selection.
pixi asos winter eyes inside 1

In terms of the quality they are pretty pigmented and apply easily. They aren't the smoothest shadows or the most pigmented, but for the price they look good and do their job. They were very easy to use, and you don't need to many layers to get the optimum colour. The camera didn't show the colours up very well, they are a lot more visible and bright in real life!

pixi asos winter eyes top row
pixi asos winter eyes middle row
pixi asos winter eyes bottom row

The packaging is a little cheap, the shadows are a bit wonky here and there, and there isn't any room between shadows so powder can transfer from pan to pan, but also the surrounding packaging just being cardboard stains from the loose product and can get a bit dog eared. The packaging is pretty though, but plastic would have been more practical, especially when keeping the shadows fresh.

Overall, I love this, it has everything I need in a small and convenient form, and the quality of the shadows is good for the price! I'd grade it 8/10 if I had to.

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