Thursday, 25 August 2011

Inspired Looks - Pixie Polish - Peacock Nails

So, I saw this Indian Peacock look by the lovely Lyndsay of Pixie Polish, and wanted to try my own version. She is a very talented lady so it wouldn't be nearly as good as hers, but I love the look anyway. I had the Bundle Monster plate, so why not? :]


I tried to recreate a free hand peacock feather.... and failed, it's fair to say I'm no good at art! My first time using my nail art brushes and acrylics, so I feel I can be forgiven! Here's what I tried to accomplish;

(image from

Products Used;

Urban Decay Aquarius,
Urban Decay Hashbury,
Konad Special Polish Black,
Black, brown, blue & green acrylic,
BM plate 15.

I found the bundle monster peacock so difficult to use, it was impossible to get the whole image picked up on the stamper for some reason. I had a good bash at it anyway :]

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